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nikonexperience's Journal

The Nikon Experience
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Project 365: Take a photo a day for a year

My name's Laura. I'm currently 20 years young. I'm from Germany. I recently finished school. I like reading, sports (volleyball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, handball, etc.), watching tv. I love the sunset and photographs. I love my friends. I live in a house in a tiny village with my mom.
Sportfreunde Stiller, Metallica, U2, The Cranberries, Foo Fighters, Nightwish, Volbeat, Böhse Onkelz.
Jennifer Aniston. Kate Walsh. Matt Bomer. Meryl Streep. Lauren Graham. Hugh Laurie. Hilarie Burton. Friends. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Gilmore Girls. House, M.D. The Simpsons. Scrubs. Desperate Housewives. White Collar. One Tree Hill.
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  • 24, addison montgomery, addison/mark, animals, art, basketball, bastian schweinsteiger, breaking bad, chandler bing, christina aguilera, coldplay, courteney cox, courteney cox arquette, courteney cox-arquette, cristina yang, david arquette, david schwimmer, desperate housewives, diego, dr gregory house, dr lisa cuddy, dr robert chase, dvds, eating, ellen pompeo, emergency room, emma geller-green, eric dane, evangeline lilly, fanfiction, fc barcelona, fc hansa rostock, felicity huffman, flowers, football, friends, germany, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, gryffindor, handball, harry potter, hilarie burton, house, house md, house/cuddy, hugh laurie, icons, internet, jake gyllenhaal, jason bateman, jennifer aniston, joaquin phoenix, joey tribbiani, johnny depp, jon stewart, kate walsh, kt tunstall, lauren graham, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, lisa kudrow, lorelai gilmore, lost, love, lukas podolski, luke danes, malcolm in the middle, management, manuel neuer, mario gomez, matt bomer, matt leblanc, matthew perry, meredith grey, mesut özil, metallica, monica geller, monica/chandler, movies, music, norway, object of my affection, one tree hill, patrick dempsey, peyton sawyer, philipp lahm, phoebe buffay, photography, pirates of the caribbean, private practice, rachel green, rain, reading, reese witherspoon, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rory gilmore, ross and rachel, ross geller, ross/rachel, rupert grint, sandra oh, scrubs, six feet under, sleeping, snow, soccer, sports, sun, supernatural, sv werder bremen, table tennis, talking, tegan and sara, tennis, the break-up, the good girl, travelling, tv, veronica mars, vince vaughn, volbeat, volleyball, walk the line, white collar, world cup