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day 360
itisabigdeal wrote in nikonexperience
The end is near. :'(

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Only five more days! Will you do it again?

No, not the 365 project. It's too time-consuming in terms of editing the pictures. But I've thought about doing the 52 weeks project.

My god, I love this photo so so much

LOL. Why?

I think it's a fun picture. I got the mood how I wanted it. But still... it's not THAT special.

Dunno. I can't put a finger on it. A picture doesn't have to be special to be very good ;)

I think it would be a better picture if I cut off the upper left side a bit more. So the white is gone, you know?

No, I think it's okay that way.

Bad girl! Me of course, thinking something bad!

And I'd love a 52 weeks project!

I just realized my "The end is near" and the photo could be very misleading, haha.

Yeah, I'll hopefully start that project soon. I'll let you know when and if I do.

Could be...indeed. ;)

Yes, please keep me posted. :D

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